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Cubby App & Web Design 

Designing the App and its Responsive Marketing Website for this new app-based valet storage service for people in condos. I contributed to the Service Design and acted as an Art Director to elevate Cubby's brand and the overall look and feel to craft a delightful user experience.



UX/UI Designer


My Responsibilities

- Discovery

- Design research

- User journey refinement

- Wireframing, prototyping

- User experience design

- User interface design

- Art Direction and Illustrations 


Product Designer, Product Manager, Product Owner, Developers,Video Editor/Motion Graphics Animator, Market Research Consultant 

Cubby website and app.png

The challenge

We are living and working in smaller spaces than ever before, with no time or interest in lugging our belongings to the local storage facility.

A series of new valet storage businesses have emerged to address these issues, however, these companies are proving to be an inefficient, often unprofessional and unreliable solution.



Collaborating with Cubby, and the research and data that they already had, we interviewed key stakeholders to determine customer pain-points and conducted a competitive analysis to see how Cubby could fit within the storage fascination landscape, all while keeping in mind the main business requirements. Surveys and research revealed that the Cubby valet storage service appeals most to a niche group of Toronto condo dwellers. About half were interested in the service, and almost 1 in 5 indicated they would be willing to subscribe.


The concept resonated slightly more with those aged 18-49 and those who already use a storage service. Those interested in taking advantage of the service indicated they would use it predominantly to store seasonal items, seasonal clothing, books and documents. The service appealed more so to those who own abundant seasonal items that are not used for long periods. 


Once the vision was defined, we translated the findings into a workable roadmap. Together we defined the MVP and set a scope of work. 


In order to successfully understand how to design the best experience, I had to become familiar with the following:

  • Storage Service Market 

  • Understand the Storage Service Market potential 


50% of all women, millennials, and urban dwellers prefer the idea of valet storage over self-storage

Design Considerations

Once discovery was complete and we were able to identify some key opportunities, we began mapping out the information architecture. The main flows we designed were signing up for first time users, logging in for returning users, onboarding, then we focused on order the boxes and cataloguing your items. 

Info Arch - Cubby.png

Mid-Fidelity Prototype

whats cubby brand.png

Defining the brand

When I first joined the team, Cubby had few branding elements defined. They knew how the 24/7 storage locker and the bins would look; they had also designed a logo and provided a colour palette and a mood-board with inspirational photos. I was able to help Cubby elevate its overall look and feel by taking on an Art Director role and designing more elements and iconography while still maintaining a brand that was easily recognizable by its existing users. I'm by no means an Illustrator, but I was also able to do some illustrations for the onboarding screens for the MVP that later resulted in developing an explainer video that also contributed to the MVP and the testing strategies. 

Finalizing a design language


Refining the story

refining cubbys story.png

The welcome screen

I decided to tackle the welcome screen with a novel approach. When users open the app, they’ll see what cubby is all about in a fun animation.


The illustrations were also highlighting the most stored items of: Holiday decorations, shoes, purses and seasonal clothing.


The explainer video

After many iterations


The outcome

After iterating and making changes based on what we discovered through brief usability testing findings, we were able to leave Cubby with an MVP mobile app so they can conduct more testings on site. After the MVP was handed off to the developers, we began a similar journey to design the responsive Marketing website for Cubby.

landing page.jpg
Cubby - Home main.png
Cubby - How it Works.png

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